Tips for building a Bike Storage Racks

Bike storage racks can be a great way to save space while storing your bikes. At the same time, they can also safeguard your bikes and provide a little bit of security.

Variety of bike storage racks is available

There are a lot of different bike storage racks to choose from. The material, size, finish, and mount can all vary, and it will seem like a daunting task to pick one. This article will tell you a little bit about all the different kinds of bike storage racks, and also suggest what you need where.

Tips for placing bike storage Racks

A few general tips for placing bike storage racks: Don’t install them in isolated areas. This encourages theft and vandalism. Make sure you put your rack in a place that’s constantly seen and walked past. Some good places for bike storage racks are malls, offices, and theaters. It gives you some extra safety. Consider some sort of weather protection like a shed, a tarpaulin sheet, etc. Make sure you leave enough spacing between the storage racks for the handlebars and all to fit. Too little space will mean overcrowding, and retrieving the bikes will be hard.


Let’s start with mounts. The five types of mounts are

  • In-ground
  • Surface
  • Gusset,
  • Rail
  • Wall mounts.

You need to pick one depending on what you need. If you’re looking for a permanent, strong mount, go with in-ground. If you think the racks will have to take a lot of weight, pick the gusset mounts because these are reinforced. If your bike storage area doesn’t have much floor space, go with wall mounts. Surface mounts can be used if you need strength, but may also have to relocate your rack.

Protection is first and foremost thing

The next thing you need to consider is finish. Finishes prevent your rack from rusting. Galvanized finishes are the best way to go. It’ll protect your rack from the elements, but the downside is that the rack will be a dull gray in color. Powder coated finishes are exceptionally durable, and they also come in a bunch of great colors. These work by electrostatically applying a coat of hot powder over the racks. Thermoplastic coated racks are also available, which have similar properties as that of powder coats. They are coated with a polyethylene powder. They also have the added advantage of preventing microorganism growth. Stainless steel coats should also be considered. These increase strength, and are also scratch resistant. They are both fire and heat resistant, and offer great weather protection. These make top notch finishes.

Lastly, we come to the styles of racks you can install. Grid style racks are the best choice here. These are the traditional racks that have bikes parked in rows, one next to another. They save space and are the cheapest model in the market. It also prevents bikes from toppling, as the each bike ends up supporting its neighbor. U-racks are probably the next best alternative. The wheels fit into u shaped mounts. The tubes can be either round or square. Wavy and bollard are the other types of racks.